Helpful tips & Ideas Starting a Compost Bin: Tips for Inside and Outside Composting is an easy and effective way to reduce household waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden. With just a few simple steps, you can start composting both inside and outside your home. Here are some tips to get you started:   Composting Inside: Choose a container: You can use a simple plastic bin […]
Helpful tips & Ideas How to Find the Right Lighting for your home Written by Sandy Dodge:   How to Find the Right Lighting for Your Home The right lighting can give your home the quality and mood you’re looking to achieve. Knowing about the different temperatures of light, lighting types, and how to blend lighting elements will help you narrow down your choices and find the best […]
Uncategorized Economic Update Week of 3/23/2020 Economic update.
Helpful tips & Ideas Designing Your Home Office Image Source: Canva Working from home is an aspiration for many of us, but to do so effectively takes effort. A disorganized space at home can be just as troublesome as a hectic office. The most disciplined telecommuters will tell you that you need a structured routine and organization in order to be successful. Having […]
Helpful tips & Ideas ORGANIC FOOD ON A BUDGET Organic food usually tastes better, and is better for you, but it can also be very expensive compared to non-organic products. Organic food can cost nearly 50 percent more, thanks to the extra labor required to produce it and consumers’ demand exceeding supply. So how do you get tasty organic food without spending a ton […]
Helpful tips & Ideas How You Can Finance Your Home Renovation Outdated kitchen. Overrun backyard. Unusable basement space. If you have a home renovation project on the mind, the first thing you have to consider is how you are going to finance it. Here are the most common options to make your dreams become a reality. Cash. Paying in cash is the most straightforward financing option, […]
Uncategorized Why I chose Real Estate Why am I involved in real estate? I first started gaining a passion for real estate in my early teens. My mom had been buying and remodeling houses and often had me do a lot of the labor work like demo, clean-up, paint, sanding, etc. This taught me a lot about construction and how to make […]
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